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Our Products

Our Swaybars

Our swaybars are produced with high carbon steel that is malleable for production yet retains memory for long term efficiency and unequaled performance

Powder Coating

We also have in house powder coating, Our typical color is gloss black but any custom color required is available. This process is not exclusive to sway bars of course. If you are needing anything powder coated, we can facilitate that for you.

Please call for quote.


Your satisfaction is a top priority for us.  Our swaybars come with a Lifetime Warranty.  If one of our swaybars malfunctions please contact us right away and we will replace your swaybar at no cost to you.  You might be asked to send the defective bar back to us so we can inspect it and try to prevent any problems going forward.  This warranty only covers the cost of the swaybar. 

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